Other OH services

Work and health are central to our lives and our business. Becoming ill can increase business costs and reduce performance. Whilst sickness absence can be costly it does not show the whole picture.

Presenteeism- being at work but unable to function to full potential may be becoming more of a problem for business.  There is a wealth of evidence that shows’ having a healthy, engaged workforce brings many benefits for employees and business alike with improved work quality and productivity (Black 2012). Acknowledging and understanding the impact of ill-health on your business is the first step in taking positive action to control it.  The health of employees is vital to our business success and there are positive commercial benefits to managing absence and promoting attendance.

Health surveillance involves monitoring employees exposed to specific health risks for early signs of work related illness or injury.  We can offer a range of services for specific risks such as noise, vibration, dusts chemicals that may cause skin and lung problems.

Our overall service provision includes:

  • Comprehensive sickness absence management
  • Rehabilitation and recovery programmes
  • Fitness to drive
  • Health surveillance
  • OH risk prevention
  • Travel Health