Training & Education

‘Good health is good business’ is a slogan which should not be underestimated by employers. Helping to prevent injury and illness through health education and health promotion can have significant benefits in reducing the risk of chronic ill-health long term. There is much evidence via various studies now showing that adopting a healthier lifestyle via workplace initiatives and voluntary health screening is an important contributor towards employees felling valued, which in turn leads to enhanced motivation, positive engagement and higher productivity in terms of work output.  The Scottish Government’s current health policies put particular emphasis on  the importance of the  workplace as a vital venue for promoting well-being via healthy lifestyle initiatives.

What we can offer:

Through our high quality health screening and health promotion programmes we can help your business prevent employee ill-health, advise on positive lifestyle choices and deal proactively with any ill health to safeguard and maintain future health.

Stress is the most common cause of long term sickness and the most common cause of short term absence. Stress has far reaching implications for business and individuals in terms of both financial and personal costs. It is thus imperative that employers are able to show that they have taken reasonable steps to prevent and or address the causes and effects of stress in the workplace.  Click on the stress Icon to see what we are able to offer your business in terms of stress management and prevention as well as support for those who are already feeling the strain.