Occupational Health Risk Prevention

Most individuals spend much of their time at work and the workplace itself can pose many preventable health and safety risks.  The maintenance of employee’s health is the key to ensuring a profitable and successful business.  Whilst safety in the workplace has improved since the introduction of legislation workforce health has deteriorated.  Workplace absence alone costs the UK economy 175 million working lost days per year. The Nuffield health charity makes us aware of a new trend in the workplace, that of presenteeism where employees come to work when they are ill and function at less than full capacity.  This costs UK business up to 15 billion per year.  The good news is that there are many ways of reducing risks and engaging with employees.  As with most things prevention is better than cure and a business with a proactive occupational health and safety policy will reap the benefits of having a fitter and more productive workforce.  Occupational Health Risk reduction is about Preventing illness and injury. We can help you with this through risk assessment and considering the need for a suitable health surveillance programme for employees.


As a business you also need to safeguard your employees with pre-existing illness and disability to enable them to continue working without further risk to their health.  Unhealthy lifestyle choices cost employers 17.7 billion every year and could save 3 billion per year by 2025 from increased productivity and decreased sick pay (Bupa 2011). As a business you have a vested interest to play your part in empowering employees to make healthier choices.

In 2010/11 (HSE)  1.2 million suffered from a work -related illness, 115,000 injuries were reported under RIDDOR and 26.4 million working days were lost due to work-related illness.

The figures speak for themselves.

With our safety associates we can help reduce your OH risks by providing simple, practical, and cost effective solutions to reduce the impact of risks and monitor the effectiveness of controls.  By doing this you meet your legal requirements for your business; improve staff well-being by enhancing your business reputation and competitive edge for excellent health and Safety practice.