Employee Rehabilitation

The positive contribution of occupational health in reducing long term absenteeism through rehabilitation programmes is widely achknowledged. Rehabilitation is  the process of assisting employees back into work following illness or injury. Good practice dictates that this should be the case whether illness or injury is work related. The aim of rehabilitation is to restore the employee to optimum health as soon as it is appropriate.   It is known that the longer an employee is off sick the less likely they will return to work. The likelihood of returning to work drops by 20% after 6 months absence.  Thus early intervention and active management is essential. Conditions likely to benefit from early intervention and active management may include:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue
  • Musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, back and neck pain,
  • Any long term illness or disability
  • Serious medical condition such as cancer, heart attack, complications of diabetes, stroke
  • Post surgery
  • Cases where there are frequent periods of absence without an identifiable cause

Rehabilitation may involve physiotherapy, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy,  as well as liaising with other stakeholders such as GP’s, and hospital specialists. Our case management approach is proactive and keeps you informed of every step in the process. This enhances and increases the chances of the individual’s early return to work and remaining in employment. We understand the health and medical issues involved as well as the specific requirements of your workplace. We have knowledge of local support services, are able to recognise the obstacles and barriers to recovery.  We can advise you on return to work plans and ongoing monitoring if required.  We are also able to undertake job task analysis tailored to individual employee before their return to work if appropriate.