Health Education including health Promotion

Good health at work improves productivity and can deliver significant bottom line benefits (Scottish Government 2009). Healthy and happy individuals are generally more motivated, have less sickness absence, and better staff retention. Employees who feel valued at work are also likely to be most productive and remain with the business.  Scotland also has an ageing population with a growing proportion over 50. People are living longer but now are having to work longer too, this will present health challenges for business in the future.  The Scottish government’s Health Works Strategy (2009) aims to promote health and well-being for all employees including SME’s.  So the bottom line is if you improve the health of your workforce you improve the health of your business.

The WHO (1999) recognises the workplace as a forum for prevention and treatment of accidents and disease but also for addressing the broader issues of lifestyle and health promotion effectively and over time.  The workplace can thus have enormous potential to improve health and well-being as there are already established channels of communication which can be used to publicise programmes, encourage participation, provide feedback and assist the process of change (Department of Health 2003).

The aims are to:

  • Raise awareness about the actions that groups and individuals can take to improve their health and social well-being
  • Identify individuals,  and groups who are at risk and in need of further support
  • Improve the health and well-being of employees through health risk identification, prevention and interventions.

Health education comprises focused opportunities for learning, e.g., seminars, workshops, brochures, designed to improve health literacy, knowledge, and assist in developing life skills that are conducive to individual health. These activities may be delivered via computer, live meeting sessions, live presentations, telephonic conferences, video stream, or hard-copy publications. Health promotion and education topics comprise any of the following:

  • Tobacco Free policies and access to smoking cessation initiatives
  • Healthy people newsletter,
  • Healthy Eating/physical activity initiatives
  • Weight Management, Blood pressure control
  • Healthy Heart and Diabetes Awareness
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Healthy working Lives Award scheme

We are able to carry out health, well-being and lifestyle screening. tailored to employee and business needs