Travel Health

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that all employees who are required to travel on company business are prepared, screened and cared for during their trip. Business travel can often be undertaken at short notice resulting in certain challenges.

We can help you to implement a company travel health policy that aims to mitigate risk. This would involve

  • Ensuring that employees who travel on company business are aware and informed of potential risks that they may be exposed to in the course of travel and that they are equipped to manage this in the most appropriate manner.
  • Offer a risk assessment appropriate to scheduled travel.
  • Increase awareness of travel related health issues. These may include the following topics: Travel diarrhoea; Deep venous thrombosis; Minimising jetlag; Sun protection etc.
  • Reduce the health risks associated with travel through appropriate health information and ensure employees get appropriate advice on vaccinations and prophylactic ante-malarial medication if required.
  • Ensure employees have knowledge of travel health and security assistance, as well as access to medical care while travelling.
  • We can also provide pre-travel health assessment and give clearance to travel.