Pregnancy Risk assessment


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 contains measures to protect the health and safety of pregnant workers as well as breast feeding mothers. The main requirements of the regulations are as follows:

– Employers must identify hazards and access risks to the health & safety of new and expectant mothers and take appropriate action to remove/reduce the risk

-Inform female employees of the risk to health and safety of potential hazards to reproduction

The risk to health during pregnancy may change and employers must therefore continue to review the risk assessment

-Employers must provide suitable rest facilities for pregnant employees and breast feeding mothers

We can help you carry out  a pregnancy risk assessment taking into account occupational factors including physical requirements of the job, workplace exposures such as chemicals, biological hazards, noise, heavy metals, shift work and psychological stressors. These are measured against PPE requirements. Perception of employee risk in the early stages of pregnancy is not always accurate and early and prompt advice helps with this.