OH Support Services is newly established in 2012 to provide advice, support and guidance to small and medium sized businesses in the Highland and Moray regions of Scotland’. Occupational Health looks at the interface between work and health and covers all areas that can arise during the course of employment. Occupational health is evidenced based  and investigates the conditions that create risks to health.

Good occupational health has never been more important in the current economic climate with the benefits far outweighing any potential costs. Dame Carol Black expert advisor to the Department of Health and a long term advocate for improving workplace health challenges all organisations to consider the long term gains that good employee health brings for all businesses.  So whatever the size of your business you can now have access to professional,  and tailored Occupational health advice and guidance.  We can help support you and your employees to reduce sickness absence, facilitate a timely return to work following physical or mental ill-health and aim for  a positive culture of health and wellbeing to sustain your business over time.

Why do you need Occupational health

  • To comply with requirements to carry out health surveillance
  • To comply with relevant health related legislation
  • If employees are absent from work, or at work but not functioning to full capacity they will not be productive and costing your business money
  • The costs of ill- health to your business is likely to be far greater than you anticipate
  • Under Disability discrimination legislation  you are required to make reasonable adjustments for employees in the workplace

The Benefits for your business

  • Reduced costs in terms of staff turnover, overtime payments, poor customer focus, and low productivity
  • Reduced absence costs
  • Healthy employees can build real competitive advantage
  • Fewer injuries, accidents and compensation claims
  • Having a culture of health and well-being enhances business reputation and corporate responsibility


If you are unsure whether you have OH risks or how your business would benefit from Occupational health services, we can come to your workplace and carry out a needs assessment free of charge.